The Harlequinade Club

During our 150 years of trading, Pollocks has seen so many wonderful things, crossed paths with inspiring people and heard rich stories of theatrical tradition, of delight-filled creativity, of entrancing paper play.

The Three Pollocks are made up of us: the Covent Garden shop. The Pollock’s Toy Museum, now run by artist and printmaker Jack Fawdry and supported by The Pollock’s Toy Museum charitable trust, who promote intelligent discussion on toys and play.
‘The Harlequinade Club’ is in spirit a place for those who want to be more closely involved with this magical world of all things Benjamin Pollocks.

Please join us Holding Up the Queue, the podcast from the shop floor, where shop manager Simon Seddons recalls stories, explores traditions and interviews some of the fascinating people who we meet on a daily basis.  It’s an irreverent and irregular take on esoteric thoughts, storytelling and unexpected corners of creativity, taking toys, toy theatres and the Harlequinade as its wellspring. To support Pollock’s Toy Museum check out their separate online shop

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