Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop we respect your privacy at all times. We do not share your details with any third party. And we have a strict data management policy and are signed up to the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines.

In the same way that most websites that you visit use cookies, our website does too. These help us to offer you a more streamlined service when you use our site and help us to improve it. The information that comes from cookies is anonymous so we don’t know who it comes from.

What are Cookies?

They are small text files, given the name ‘cookies’ in the early days of the internet, which are stored on your browser (such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer). Every time you land on a site – it is the cookie from that site that ‘remembers’ your user preferences, behaviours or whatever, so that the website is responsive to you.

Our online shop is built on Shopify which uses cookies to store the contents of your basket along with information for the checkout process.

We also use cookies provided by Google Analytics which allow us to analyse who has come to our site, whether they have been before or not, to give us information around the public’s general behaviour on our site. This cannot identify you individually.

You can Choose to Opt out of Cookies

If you want, you can limit, block or even delete cookies linked to your browser. You do this by changing the settings. You can choose which sites you want to allow or block their cookies.

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However if you remove the cookies for our website, it is likely to affect how our website responds to your order.