Robin Peoples for Beckman Unicorn

Charles Dickens and the Toy Theatre

Around the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, the toy theatre was perhaps the most popular toy in Britain. ‘Live’ theatre was at the height of it’s popularity with over 300 playhouses in London alone. Charles Dicken’s was not immune to its charms. His passion for live theatre from a very early age was mirrored by an equal enthusiasm for the toy stage. Although, surprisingly there are only a few Dicken’s books turned into miniature plays, most famously Oliver Twist, it is recorded that he himself ‘performed’ a spectacular play The Elephant of Siam.
For the first time since the novel’s publication, the story of Pip and his ‘great expectations’ can now be savoured in miniature. Published by Beckman Unicorn in collaboration with Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop to accompany the West End theatre production.